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Making Time Makes a Difference

A recent survey of district superintendents by the consulting firm EAB shows that the last two years have been challenging enough that 44 percent reported considering, or are actively planning to leave their role within the next two to three years. However, 68 percent say that they are optimistic about the future and that things would be better one year from now.

Managing districts through a pandemic and contentious issues has left superintendents with far less time to spend with students. The majority of respondents in the survey indicated that they have significantly increased the amount of time spent meeting and communicating with their district administrative team, principals, teachers, board members, and parents. Eighty percent report wanting to spend more time with students — and believe this would make them more successful in their role. Additionally, the survey found that work among superintendents is becoming more collaborative with 61 percent reporting that their relationships with peers from other districts had improved since February 2020. Fifty-six percent also said that increasing the amount of time they spend collaborating with peers makes them more effective in their role. Education Leaders’ Organization (ELO) provides Superintendents an opportunity to collaborate with other school leaders across the country through small and exclusive peer-to-peer networks. These networks are providing monthly cohort sessions that empower school leaders to share their common experiences with each other and learn new ways of working through the challenging times. To learn more about how ELO can help you become a better leader and spend more time with your students, schedule a 1-1 visit with Kevin Stoller, ELO Executive Director. Making time with ELO WILL make a difference!


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