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School Superintendents Face Unprecedented Challenges

As we head into the 3rd straight COVID-impacted school year, the challenges for school leaders expands in complexity. The weight of the job has evolved from administrators of a school system to political, medical, and social influencers of a community.

Here are a few of the topics that current School Superintendents now have to navigate:

-COVID challenges

-The rise of CRT awareness

-Shifting educational preferences

-Teacher shortages

-Parental/community/school board activism

With all of these recent developments, the normal job responsibilities still remain. Now, more than ever, school leaders need to expand their skillsets as well as maintain their own personal needs. In a position that is historically plagued with turnover and burnout, the crisis is rising to new levels.

Organizations such as Education Leaders' Organization (ELO) recognizes the need. Having a confidential and trusted peer network provides the outlet to reflect, learn, and lead. Through the process of experience sharing, ELO provides the opportunity to grow at a personal and professional level.


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