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Leadership in Crisis

It is lonely at the top. This is the case for School Leaders. It is difficult to have outlets to talk through the unique challenges that you face everyday.

Few people have the experience of the demands from the Board, parents, staff & the local media - plus have a personal life. At the same time, you thrive on the impact you can make for your community.

Having a peer network allows you to share your exp

eriences and hear from other's that fully understand the weight of your role. The peer network is for you to dive deep into the top 5% and bottom 5% of your life.

Having a healthy outlet to help you navigate the tough times and celebrate the good times are key to a fulfilling life. This is why peer networks have been around for decades in other industries from business, politics, and professional athletes.

Utilizing a proven process that facilitates experience sharing versus advice giving is the key tenet to a functioning peer group. When everyone has the same foundation, the peer network helps you rise beyond your current capabilities.


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