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Confidential Peer Network for Education Leaders

The local newspaper just ran a story blasting your district.

A parent is all over social media calling for your resignation.

The school board has several members up for re-election this year and want to brag about their accomplishments.

The teacher shortage is real, and you have open positions that need filled ASAP.

Budgets are tight. Again.

Your spouse wants to see you and is asking how much is enough?

These are the realities of being a School Leader. There are real people, kids, and community members that rely on your leadership. The decisions you make are going to leave an impact for years to come.

You went into education to make a difference, but sometimes it feels like you're just trying to survive.

It doesn't need to be that way. For decades, leaders in other industries around the world have been utilizing peer networks to enhance their lives - career and personal. These peer networks provide a proven process to discuss the items that are in the Top 5% and Bottom 5% of your life. Things you can't talk about with your staff, Board, friends or even your spouse.

Imagine if you had a way to hear how others have dealt with similar situations and for you to contribute experiences. This exclusive group of 6-10 peers becomes your personal advisory group. With a firm foundation of sharing experiences, not advice, you can have a confidential outlet to help you focus on your true goals in life.

Are you hitting a wall and don't know what to do next?

Are you just starting your role as School Leader and trying to establish your voice?

Are you worried what your legacy will be?

Consider joining Education Leaders' Organization, the world's only peer to peer community of School Leaders.


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