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School Leadership Burnout

The annual turnover rate for School Superintendents is between 14 and 16 percent. The mean tenure for a Superintendent is five to six years.

These are statistics prior to COVID-19.

In discussions with school leaders, this is a major concern. Similar to the teacher shortage, there is a shortage of qualified principals and administrators.

The cost to the districts is enormous. Districts can spend about $75,000 to prepare, hire, and place a new leader into the position.

Why is the turnover so high?

The pressure for these roles is enormous. They are struggling a

nd need help. They can't get the support needed from their staff or family members.

Peer-to-Peer Experience Sharing

In other industries, peer networks have been utilized for years to provide a confidential outlet to learn from others' experiences. They learn new ideas, get inspired, and have a personal support structure to thrive in the position professionally and personally.

If you are stuck in the rat race and feeling like your only option is to resign your position, consider joining the Education Leaders' Organization. You've dedicated your career to improve the lives of others, ELO provides an outlet to take care of your needs and develop the skills needed to make the impact you desire.

Request to Join ELO!

Know a School Leader that would benefit from a confidential peer network?


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